Look who is going to COMIKAZE: It’s CourtneyK!

I’ve been seriously jonesing for another All Things Amazingly Geek experience for months since my first expedition to San Diego Comic Con 2011. No kidding. I think I pounced on a couple of strangers at a Halloween party over the weekend because they were dressed up in the style of Steampunk. I’m not even sure I introduced myself, just launched into a rapid-fire “Oh-my-goodness-you-guys-look-so-great-I-just-love-it-and-look-you-even-have-a-gun-and-goggles-THAT’S-SO-COOL!!”

I no longer have to suffer withdrawal, BEHOLD!! http://comikazeexpo.com/ The First EVER COMIKAZE Expo: A Comic, Anime, Gaming, SCI-FI, Fantasy and Horror Expo in Los Angeles, CA! A two day event from November 5th and 6th, full of panels, cosplay, video games, original art, movies, television and so very much more! I’m very excited to be going to this brand new convention; I have been trying to figure a game plan to see all there is to see, however I could use some tips or ideas. So take a look at the schedule of events and leave suggestions! If you’re in the L.A. area and are planning to attend COMIKAZE, I’d love to do a meet-up! It’s just a few days away!