Vampires Visit Psych on Halloween, Ghouls Return all Season


NBC Universal’s Psych treats viewers to an unforgettable Halloween, then goes beyond to keep audiences psyched out on ghoulish characters all season.

Psych enters its sixth season with promises of fresh and thrilling episodes on the horizon.

At least, that’s the vibe from actors Dule Hill (Gus Guster) and James Roday (Shawn Spencer), as well as showrunner/executive producer Steve Franks during the series’ recent press junket for USA Network.

Vampire-Ridden Episode to Air

I’m fairly certain at least Halloween won’t be the same after the vampire-ridden “This Episode Sucks” delivers its promised bevy of guest stars, who Roday reports in the press junket includes Kristy Swanson, Corey Feldman, and Tom Lenk. Viewers also meet Blacula and Vampire Lestat.

Even Vampires Have Limits

During the junket, Roday confesses to having an affinity for horror films. Franks confirms this and is quick to point out that sometimes he has to keep Roday under control. He says, “The one thing that James [Roday] always wants to do is change the resolution. Sometimes, he wants the resolution to an episode to actually be a demon. I always have to do my best to convince him that our show exists in a version of reality, so we can’t resolve the episode with a real demon.”

Franks continues, “We didn’t know Corey was doing the vampire episode with us until a couple of days before the shoot. By that tim, the script was locked in and there was a very short amount of time to get the episode done. He was only in town for a day or two, but we got to go to dinner with him, and it was a lot of fun. He had fun too. And, of course, we can always bring his character back on a future episode.”

More Creatures of the Night Surface

Vampires are not the only ghoulish creatures of the night that Psych explores this season.

Hill reveals upcoming episodes alluding to The Shining, Indiana Jones, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Roday adds, “I think we should crossover with The Walking Dead, because I think we’re due for a zombie episode.”

Series Is the Dream of a Lifetime

Franks sums up the junket for everyone when he says, “The great thing about this show is we actually get to do our dream episode every week. We’re so happy just to be able to do the show. And we hope that it makes people happy, because it makes us happy.”

Psych airs on Wednesday nights on the USA Network.

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