Quick Take: Courtney K and Amrie are divided on LAST MAN STANDING…mainly because Am will be watching…

Well, Tim Allen is back on TV….

This is going to be quick, hence the Quick Take; I didn’t like Last Man Standing. I have to admit, it was far too close to Home Improvement. Manly Dad, check. Quick Witted Mom, check. Three kids, this time GIRLS! But wait, there’s a Grandbaby! Ok, so there’s no Mysterious Neighbor, but there is a job involving Manly-ness (Sporting Goods). I feel bad, I wanted to like the show because I like Tim Allen and Nancy Travis and don’t get me started on my adoration for Hector Elizondo!

Since the show isn’t geared towards my demographic, I say if you are an Over 40-Pushing 50 parent with teenage girls in your home, you’ll probably get a kick out of Last Man Standing! I doubt the show will be axed anytime soon, because it’s not terribly written, it’s just….I’ve seen it before, and currently in syndication. However, there’s a reason people use the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” cliche, there’s truth in it. Judge for yourself, Last Man Standing premieres tonight on ABC with back to back episodes, 8/7c.

Will you be watching with Amrie (seriously, it’s my love for Tim Allen and that’s it…) or avoiding it like Courtney?

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  • Kyle

    Got to agree with Courtney on this–hated the pilot. Though, since FOX is preempted with baseball tonight and there’s nothing else I watch at 8, I’ll give tonight’s double-header one last chance.