Wednesday Must Watch: Special RAISING HOPE in Vegas!

I know that your DVR is working overtime tonight, with the great comedy on ABC and the train wreck of dreck-i-tude proportions on the CW, but there is a half hour that you need to be watching tonight, come hell or high water, and that, my friends?  Is the special Wednesday edition of RAISING HOPE, following 1.5 hours of THE X FACTOR!

Tonight, the chance family, and a Russian mail order bride named Natasha (that’ll make sense when you watch the episode) head out to Las Vegas to celebrate the over the top, completely absurd, and amazing wedding of Delilah (you’ll remember her as Virginia’s horrific cousin, as played to PERFECTION by Amy Sedaris).  After the classic Vegas absurdities like a Bachelorette Party and some casino-floor-scamming-for-tips, the trip takes a sudden turn for the “playing on the heart strings” and I’m reminded, once again, just how much this show means to me, and how well it does the unexpected.  Follow the jump for previews!

Preview #1:

Preview #2:

Preview #3:

Preview #4: