I’m moving to SUBURGATORY

In the interest of full disclosure, people who know me know that I love Jeremy Sisto.  I have watched his career take a very eclectic spin from Elton to Billy Chenowith to Knapp (loved KIDNAPPED) to Detective Lupo. Because of my love of “rolling with the homies”, I have a predisposition to love SUBURGATORY (much like my love for Raven Symone pre-determined that I would suffer through STATE OF GEORGIA). It’s not unlike enduring a losing streak, playing just three more hours of Party Bingo in order to justify having already invested so much money in achieving a win. Obviously, such habits almost guarantee disappointment. But not so, in this case.

I’ll admit, it’s a weird thing to come into a show with a decision to watch, regardless of whether I liked it, because of my association with a former character (but I mean, come on, people are doing that this season with RINGER, aren’t they?).  It’s with a sense of relief that, regardless of Jeremy’s involvement, I loved SUBURGATORY. It is a smart, funny comedy, that fills the slot between THE MIDDLE and MODERN FAMILY easily. THE MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE are perfect intro & outro to this show, due to the family dynamic they both have in common, and it has a humor to it that ranks right up there.

At the center of this show told from the perspective of a teen thrown into a society she knows nothing about (her dad moved her to the suburbs after a minor misunderstanding), is Tessa played to a sarcastic perfection by SHAMELESS beard Jane Levy.  Tessa is not used to the bright lights, pink outfits, and plastic body parts of the suburbs, and she immediately decides that this isn’t the place for her.  She decides to revolt against her poor dad George (Sisto), who thought he was doing right by her, until she starts to recognize that maybe the two of them need to weather this different world together. Their father/daughter sarcastic/passive-aggressive bond is reminiscent of mine and Plain Old Glenn‘s, so I was hooked immediately.

Other stand outs in the cast (and seen in the premiere) include Alan Tudyk as George’s old friend Noah, as orange a man as can be; Cheryl Hines’ Dallas – the ridiculous/amazing looking lady who manages to somewhat become what Tessa leasts wants her to – a role model; Dallas’ daughter Dalia – the droll Carly Chaikin – who is her buddy, not her friend; Allie Grant (who I miss on WEEDS) as an adversary turned probably best friend; Ana Gasteyer, as clueless as ever as neighbor Sheila; and Rex Lee (late of ENTOURAGE) as the guidance counselor who might be worse than AWKWARD.’s Val at his job.  Still to come in future episodes, a sure to be equally absurd Chris Parnell.

Do yourself a favor and just set the DVR for 8-11 (7-10c) on ABC tonight – you won’t regret it.  After you watch, let us know what you think of SUBURGATORY!