Quick Take: A second (similar) opinion of CHARLIE’S ANGELS

Within the first 10 minutes of watching ABC’s “new” show, CHARLIE’S ANGELS, one thought streaked through my head like a ticker: “They really should’ve left well enough alone.”

When I first heard that CHARLIE’S ANGELS was green-lit for television again, I was excited! I was far too young (cough cough IT’S TRUE) to appreciate the first go-round and I looked forward to being on board with a fantastic new series. I was wrong.

Were the original characters from CHARLIE’S ANGELS (1976-1981) SO unlikeable? Weren’t they good guys? Cops whose full potential was being wasted? Yeeeeaaah, these newest Angels are a former rich girl who decided to steal stuff (presumably for fun?), a former dirty cop (never one I root for), and a former army lieutenant who was disgraced (no real explanation), and a car thief/street racer (again, unlikeable). Then, the biggest cringe worthy character, A YOUNG HOT BOSLEY??? That’s just not right. What’s worse is that it’s not even the actress fault.  IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT!  The writing is just bad. [Amrie note: We both watched the pilot again, hoping they’d made significant tweaks.  I think the only tweak that would have saved it would be to not air it at all….]

I wish I liked it. I really do. But I don’t. I don’t think it will survive the season. I’ll be shocked if it makes it to mid season. It’s vapid and uninteresting. I’m sorry Charlie, but it’s lousy.

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  • Rene Jones

    I have to agree with you on this one. I have only seen the trailers for it , and I find it vapid and not really worthy of my time. Again, Sorry , Charlie.