Catastrophies and Drama? CourtneyK is sticking with GREY’S ANATOMY

Is there still a major frothing at the mouth fanbase for this show? I’m going to assume that there is, event though the last time GREY’S won an Emmy was…let’s just say awhile. I’ve become a late frother; watching GREY’S in syndication and online has captured me, so I’ve been really eager for the Season 8 premiere which, thankfully, is going to be a 2 hour event!

This completely unrealistic look at the inner workings of a major hospital in Seattle, Washington begins as always; a brief recap of the drama and of course, a catastrophe that forces arguing parties together to save lives. I don’t care if it’s been played out and it’s done and done and DONE on this show; I love it and gimme more!

Last year’s drama of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) “tainting” the Alzheimer’s  trial (she really didn’t, I totally agree with her) and the resulting Grand Canyon sized rift between her and husband Derek (the almost ridiculously perfectly coiffed Patrick Dempsey), who let’s face it, cannot really see anything a top his enormous high horse. What’s new? Well, they have a kid now, remember?? A baby girl named Zola who is not quite theirs yet since the adoption process hasn’t been completed! This, dear friends, is just the beginning.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has become Seattle Grace’s Most Hated person ever, so naturally he’s going to have to turn this around by the hour two of programming.

Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) are having marital drama since Owen can’t seem to grasp that Christina does not want children. She just doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with her, she just doesn’t want them. And here is where my logic comes screaming into the room “THEN GET YOUR TUBES TIED STUPID” but that would mean they couldn’t use this storyline ever again. Real world logic does not mean good television.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is still the entire reason I love this show; she’s the Voice of Reason in the valley of insanity. Every time they give Wilson dialogue I pay attention and yes, cry when it’s called for. For someone who is not ordinarily emotionally moved by television anymore (shrug, dead inside?), that’s saying something.

As much as I get fist-shakey with this show, I adore it. Until the eye rolling or gross-out from the graphic surgeries outweighs the “Holy bikes, did THAT just happen???” moments, I’ll be watching GREY’S ANATOMY until the last episode airs [Amrie note: Bye-bye Seattle Grace.  See you on the flip side.].

The season 8 premiere of GREY’S ANATOMY starts tonight at 9/8c.  What about you – are you watching this show until the last episode airs, or are you like Amrie, and checking out?


  • sade

    Checking out. You forgot to mention the CAM mess taking over the last part of S7 in your catch up. Cant be bothered to watch Sara Ramirez’s show again during season 8.

  • Courtney

    I get that, Sade. And yes, I omitted the CAM stuff, good call. 🙂