CourtneyK thinks UNFORGETTABLE is worth remembering

(Amrie Note: Yes, I realize that’s a cheesy title, but I couldn’t help myself….)

Confession time: about 1/3 of the way through the viewing of this new CBS drama, I found myself wondering “Wait…what’s the name of this again??  Don’t be fooled, I actually liked UNFORGETTABLE, premiering Tuesday 9/20 at 10/9c on CBS; but for some reason I couldn’t recall the name! Blame watching too many screeners.

We first meet striking redhead Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) in a Queens, NY Alzheimer’s facility. No, she’s not a patient, she’s a volunteer. A volunteer with the most incredible recollection; the irony shouldn’t be lost on you. After returning home to her walk up from a long day of do-goodery, Carrie is awakened by the sounds of a struggle. She opens her front door to find massive amounts of blood smearing its way down the corridor and stairs. At this point, I think a regular person would (cell phone in hand) be frantically dialing 911 to report a something…because seriously, a bunch of blood outside my door? I’m calling the cops, no ifs ands or buts and that’s what I would report. “yes hello? Buncha blood outside my door, can ya come take a look please?” but then again, I’m no Carrie Wells. Carrie Wells goes downstairs and finds the body of a neighbor. Carrie Wells is now a witness to a murder.

Of course police are called and Carrie is interviewed, however the lead detective Al Burns (played by Dylan Walsh) apparently has a long and complicated history with Carrie. Soon it’s revealed that our dear Carrie is a former cop (shocker) but she’s special; she can’t forget anything. Literally. Can’t. It’s a thing. Any moment she’s experienced, she can relive and see anything and every detail from any angle. The most important event in her life, a childhood trauma, is the only event that she has difficulty recalling.

I was a huge fan of MONK so having a detail oriented cop wasn’t out of scope for me; however I realized the difference with UNFORGETTABLE is that not only is Carrie re-seeing the event, she’s re-living them on an emotional level. It’s not just visual; she feels everything she felt in the original moment. That’s where the downside of this ability is revealed. Imagine having to relive a painful memory, with the pain being as fresh and deep as the first time; normal memories fade and give reprieve; however in the case of Carrie Wells, nothing ever fades and no pain is ever forgotten.

I recommend UNFORGETTABLE; however I really wish the network had named it something else.

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  • Lisa Sierra

    I watched the first episode. I wasn’t impressed, it seemed like it was really slow moving and to much like Profiler. I don’t know if they are going to get alot of people to watch if the next few episodes are like the first one. I like Poppy Montgomery, I just don’t care the story line too much.

  • CourtneyK.

    I’m inclined to agree with on the Profiler part; but I think it’s got potential if they can manage to keep the story interesting. The elements are there, I just don’t know about the execution. 🙂 Thanks Lisa!