Quick Take: Raul likes everything about THE PLAYBOY CLUB but the plot….

Raul is our latest contributor, and he spent some time checking out THE PLAYBOY CLUB over the weekend. Be warned, some spoilers are included below, so come back and read this after you watch, if you really don’t want to know!

NBC’s THE PLAYBOY CLUB is definitely a show that I want to like. That’s right, WANT to like. The chemistry of this show is amazing and the actors are perfectly fitted for their parts but there’s something missing and I can’t put my finger on it. The costumes are certainly going to appeal to men, and some women, of all ages. The soundtrack will definitely be on people’s music selections and the violence will drive in the younger generation.

The downfall of the show definitely going to be it’s plot, or lack thereof. Eddie Cibrian (Mr. Leann Rimes) plays Nick Dalton, a billionaire playboy who has the love of the most senior bunny Carol-Lynne, is wanted by all the other bunnies, but of course falls for the Cinderella of bunnies, Maureen the Cigarette Bunny (Amber Heard) [Amrie note: Who is going to get tired of all this bunny talk, and quickly, this season? I’m watching, but am fully prepared if it gets canceled.]. In a mishap of events, Maureen inadvertently kills a big mob boss and with Dalton’s help, dumps his body in the river. There’s nothing like getting rid of a body to bring two people together; it’s amazing how fast people fall in love with murder is involved. That’s pretty much the plot, without giving away too much.

PLAYBOY CLUB has its redeeming qualities, well, a couple anyway. The scenery and backgrounds really give you a good feeling of the era. The best quality has to be references to real-life events. In 1969, The Ike and Tina Turner Review actually performed live at the Playboy Club. It was nice to see the re-creation of that performance and it gave you the impression you were actually watching a true story.

If you have nothing else to do, feel like wasting an hour of your time, or want to listen to a great soundtrack, tune into THE PLAYBOY CLUB. Hey, at the very least you’ll get to see some pretty amazing eye-candy.