Will Courtney K be watching THE SECRET CIRCLE?

*ahem* In a world dominated by vampires and werewolves….now a show about WITCHES!

Did you hear that in a deep gravelly voice?? No? Ah well. On we go!

The airwaves have been inundated with bloodsuckers and shedding monsters for months, if not years! There has been many a show with Witchy-poo supportive characters, but no leads: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, TRUE BLOOD, SUPERNATURAL, TEEN WOLF, to name a few. Could it be that BEWITCHED, SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, or CHARMED were too much to live up to? Um, I’m thinking no.

The CW has decided that this fall will be the Season of the Witch, launching THE SECRET CIRCLE with impressive special effects (for TV) and a plotline that is a little bit fresh I must admit!  And naturally our newest cast of characters is young, attractive and chock full o’ powers!

The lead character Cassie Blake, played by Brittany Robertson last seen pouting in LIFE UNEXPECTED,  is a newly orphaned teenager who goes to live with her maternal grandmother in “small” town of Washington State, because of course Washington State is the new Massachusetts (as in Salem, y’all) when it comes to the supernatural (I say this as a Washingtonian, mind you). Unaware of the history her mother left behind in town, Cassie is thrust into high school alone, to fend for herself with snarky dialogue and obvious “odd girl outsider” trepidation.

In the hallowed halls of the high school, we begin to meet the other supporting cast: good girl and de facto leader Diana Meade (played by Shelley Hennig); as yet to be pigeon-holed Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy); Faye Chamberlain (played by Aussie Phoebe Tonkin [Amrie note: she kicks ass – my favorite thing in the pilot]) who is the obvious bad girl; hot next door neighbor guy Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter); and of course our leading man Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker, who I’m glad is back, from the TERMINATOR series). Adam’s father owns the local hangout (of course) and is apparently a stumbling drunk with a tendency to spout inappropriate commentary and begins to drop the breadcrumbs of her mother Amelia’s secret past to Cassie.

While watching THE SECRET CIRCLE, I began playing a mental tally game whenever a scene or series of dialogue was reminiscent to the films The Craft and The Covenant. If I’d been actually keeping score, I believe it would’ve been a tie for sure. From touching on a deep and rich family history to spooky new powers that Cassie didn’t know she had; there’s a lot to discover within The Secret Circle and I’m excited to see where it takes its viewers [Amrie note: I just want to know how Gale Harold ties in….he’s a creepy dude….]. I’m setting my DVR as I type, for sure [Amrie note: IN a surprise turn of events…me, too!].

Check out the most recent preview, and let us know if you’re tuning in!