Thursday Must Watch: IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY… and ARCHER on FX

There’s something comforting about tonight’s premieres of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and (on for a special three week release) ARCHER.  It’s like being back among friends that you’ve missed for way too long.

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA gets away with so very much and I love the show for that and a million other reasons. In tonight’s season 7 premiere, Frank’s love for a hooker named Roxy finds the gang trying to “Pretty Woman” her into Julia Roberts at the end of PRETTY WOMAN.  I mean, does it take a neuro-scientist to figure out that this clearly doesn’t end well?  While Dee does her best to help Roxy see how bad her sordid ways are, it takes next to 2 seconds for her to think that maybe this hooker has more going for her than the gang thought.  Charlie does his best to get Frank’s mind off the fact that this hooker still wants to sleep with other men, and a disastrous and amazing limousine ride provides the highlight of the episode for me, as far as laughing so hard I choked.  And then there’s Dennis and Mac…left to deal with the fact that Mac put on a little more fat than muscle mass (have you seen Fat!Mac?), maybe have contracted a medical condition, and still could possibly be healthier than wants-to-be-twenty-forever Dennis.  It’s a fantastic start to the season (with references to one of my favorite episodes of all time: “Oh baby you… you got what I need…”), and believe me when I tell you that episodes 2 and 3 follow up and build on the amazing.  Whatever you’re doing tonight, either don’t do it, or set the DVR so that you don’t miss one of the best comedies on TV.

While you’re at it, make sure you didn’t remove that ARCHER series recording (to make room for new fall shows) too soon!  The ISIS gang is back in a special three week ARCHER fall season (Heart of Archness Pts 1-3) that finds man main Sterling Archer seeking comfort in the arms of unsuspecting tourists in French Polynesia after witnessing the shocking death of his Russian fiancee right before their wedding.  The crackpot team of Cyril, Lana, Pam, Mallory, and Carol/Cheryl have had NO luck finding Archer, so Mallory enlists Rip Riley (voiced by the unmistakeable Patrick Warburton), a former ISIS agent and yet another “hot body” that Mallory wants (she’s the grossest old woman, I love it).  Once Rip finds Archer, it all goes down hill from there.  Guest star David Cross is incredible and this voice cast proves, once again, that they are all geniuses.  The stuff that they give Chris Parnell and Amber Nash to do in these three episodes? God love them, they’re amazing.  This is another of the greatest comedies on TV these days – make sure you don’t miss these pretty damn near perfect episodes!