Tonight on USA brings the final NECESSARY ROUGHNESS of the summer!   On tonight’s finale, T.K. faces his rival (Terrell Owens) as the Hawks enter the playoffs. Elsewhere, Dani takes on a new client, and Nico must determine where his loyalties lie.  To celebrate the end of the season, we’ve teamed up with USA to give one lucky (US resident) reader a fantastic NECESSARY ROUGHNESS prize pack!

  • Custom Nylon Bag ($10)
  • Branded Football ($10)
  • American Express Gift Card ($100)
  • Philosophy Body Products (not pictured, $50)
  • USA Summer T-Shirt ($15)
  • USA 10-City Summer Guide
  • Approximate Retail Value: $185

To enter, check out this sneak peek of tonight’s finale, and let us know what you’ve loved about this first season?


  • Steve Caan

    I loved everything about the first season, but mostly Dr. Dani. She’s awesome!

  • Heather G

    What I love about the first season is the fact that Necessary Roughness was different from other USA shows. To me that difference and Dr. Dani makes it awesome! Can’t wait for the finale tonight!

  • OMG–is that THE “Steve Caan” commenting above me?! 🙂

    I’m still on the fence about this show. I definitely find it the weakest of the recent new USA additions. I want to like it, but just haven’t found myself that invested in the characters or relationships yet.

  • Sorry USA, but like Kyle, I just couldn’t get myself into this one. Perhaps a $100 American Express Gift Card would help me see the show in a new light. 😉

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  • Cynthia

    What I loved about the first season is how Dani has to learn how to balance her career, while at the same time, being a single mother.

  • CJ

    I didn’t really like this show much at the beginning, but it has grown on me. Dani got less annoying and I grew to enjoy her relationships with the football guys. And, that she finally got with Matt (gotta love Marc Blucas!). I was glad to see some personal growth in T.K. by the end, but also appreciated that he is not “cured”.

    The finale was a step in the right direction. Another season filled with episodes like that would be great!

  • Kristen G.

    I love TK. He’s hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kim Kelly

    I think it’s fascinating to watch Dani be a counselor in a sports setting.. Wonder what season 2 will have in store

  • Beth T.

    My favorite thing about Necessary Roughness is seeing “Max Medina” from the Gilmore Girls again. Love that guy.

  • Maria S.

    Dani is a great character and I enjoyed the show a lot.

  • Deanna G.

    I haven’t seen the show but I’d love to win. 🙂

  • Jenna V

    I’ve loved TK, Nico, Dani, her kids, pretty much everything about this season (except for Matt’s romance w/whats-her-name. that was boring as heck.)
    This show is great. USA does it again! 😀

  • Mari

    My dh loves this show. Now that Friday Night Lights has been cancelled, he watches Necessary Roughness to get his sports drama fix.
    He seems to be taken by Dani. I try not to get too jealous!

  • Liz M.

    I like that Dani is both a single mother and an increasingly successful professional–I’ll be interested to see where they go with this!

  • I gave the show a chance because it was a USA Network show. While it got off to a slow start, it was great at the end. I’m glad I gave it the extra time. Not that I had a choice much as nothing else was on. LOL

    I have to also say it was nice to see “Max Medina” again from GG.

  • Ryan

    TK & the crazy/hilarious things he says