My Take Too: Courtney K takes on RINGER

While avoiding spoilers, I intend to provide some plot points to inspire viewing so don’t read if you want to stay unspoiled!

With frantic and cryptic promo spots, The CW network has been teasing my DVR for months. Upon hearing that SMG was returning to the small screen, the Buffy fan base has been (literally) a-twitter!
But will that same fan base turn on this new show, Ringer? Because after all, it’s not Buffy!

First, let’s meet Bridget: the “bad” twin. A former addict, stripper, and now WITSEC witness against a boss who would really like her dead; disappears from her protection detail.

Cut to Siobhan: well dressed, well coiffed, well out of place sitting at a seedy bar. We quickly discover that Siobhan and Bridget haven’t seen each other in 6 years, though no real explanation (though it’s hinted at) is given as of yet as to the event that Bridget is “so sorry” for; Siobhan confesses that her husband Andrew doesn’t even know that Bridget exists. It’s safe to assume that no one in “good twin” Siobhan’s life knows that she has a sister, let alone an identical twin. Frankly, that cannot be good.

I have to give credit where credit is due, The CW has spent a load of money on split screen scenes, and the way the scenes are shot it’s very convincing that there are two SMG’s out there. Plus, kudos to the makeup artists who put a little extra “dark” in Bridget’s dark circles.

After a boat ride, suggested by hoity-toity Siobhan, Bridget wakes up to find herself alone on aforementioned boat and it is safe to say, Siobhan overboard! Devastated at the suicide of her sister and hiding from a murdering boss, Bridget assumes her sister’s life, not realizing how confusing, seedy and full of secrets the “good twin” Siobhan’s life really is.

I’m interested in seeing how the second and third episode plays out. Watching the pilot I felt that the show was very rushed and was trying really hard. However, I’m willing to give it a chance since hey; I’m a sucker for twisty storylines!

Already not a fan? Check out Amrie’s decidedly negative take on RINGER, and let us know what you think of the show after it premieres at 9PM on The CW.