SUITS Summer Finale airs tonight – watch and get a chance to win a great Prize Pack!

SUITS quickly became one of my favorite shows of the summer, and I’m sad to see it end tonight with a twisty, turny, intense, and suspenseful hour that had me wanting to fast forward so I could find out what happens, but also not wanting to fast forward so I didn’t miss anything.

After last week’s episode that had Harvey coming to terms with the fact that his former mentor buried evidence on multiple cases, including that of a young man who has now spent 12 years in prison for a crime he clearly didn’t commit, Harvey and Mike go to bat for this innocent man against the new DA in place – Chi McBride (he’s always good, but he’s really good tonight).  The case starts off going smoothly, and then it starts to spiral out of control.  All the while, Trevor’s back in town, and Mike’s doing his best to keep Jenny and Trevor from speaking so that Trevor doesn’t find out that Mike and Jenny are dating.  Back at the office, you’ve got Jessica in Harvey’s corner, Louis not so much, and Donna and Rachel digging into the alcohol stash in one of my favorite scenes from the entire season.

To celebrate tonight’s finale, I’ve teamed up with USA Network to provide one lucky (US resident) reader with a great SUITS giveaway.

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To enter, let us know what you’re hoping to see in tonight’s finale, or watch tonight and tell us what your favorite part was!  One winner will be chosen at random in two weeks, and notified via email!


  • Enough of this Jenny and Trevor stuff! If Friends taught us anything, it’s that Mike ROSS & RACHEL Zane belong together!

  • Strunkette

    I’m with Kyle. I’d like to see Mike and Rachel together. Why he’d want to be with someone who couldn’t figure out her boyfriend was a drug dealer is beyond me. Rachel is cute, smart, sassy, and all around amazing. Though that would take away the will they/won’t they dynamic all tv shows love. So I guess I’ll just say MORE Mike and Rachel witty banter. 🙂

  • JasTay

    Another fight between Mike and Trevor when he finds out about Mike/Jenny. That way both Harvey and Mike will have been punched in the same episode.

  • Maria S.

    I always love seeing the interactions between Mike and Harvey so that will be a good thing to see on the finale!

  • JasTay

    Knew that Trevor would rat Mike/Harvey out as soon as he found out about Jenny. Should’ve told him at the door. Rachel isn’t the only one that “can’t go back” now.

  • JasTay

    What are the chances Trevor ends up working in the Pearson/Hardman mail room next season?

  • JasTay

    Also the Louis/Jessica standoff was classic!

  • Laura DeLuca

    I missed it but hope to catch it on on demand -would love to see what happened with Louis & Jessica

  • Kristen G.

    I’m so glad that Rachel finally told Mike how she feels…they’re wonderful together!

  • Ryan

    Hopefully Trevor won’t tell Mike’s secret. This show is great. thanks for the giveaway