PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Finale Preview/MidSeason Review!

With the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS season drawing to a close tonight, and a marathon on the day-of beforehand, it seems like the right time to do a recap for this season with our Liars. Gather ‘round y’all, it’s time to line up the edges of this puzzle, piece by piece.

  1. Ian is definitely dead. Doornail called, said he’s one of them now.
  2. Creepy Cop Guy Garrett is romantically involved with Jenna the Blind; the two of them have some deep dark secret involving Jason De Laurentis.
  3. Ian, Jason, and Garrett were in some sort of BFF club in high school called N.A.T. Club (full description ended up “We See All” in latin). Creepy. Creepy, and creepy. But what exactly did they “see”?
  4. Therapist Anne has become a trustworthy ally. Sigh, which seems to spell her doom. Dangit. I thought she was going to give us a major clue as to who “A” is. Though she did say last episode, “I know this person!” and “I know who ‘A’ is” (which could mean she knows who one of “A” is, since I’m still unconvinced that this mayhem could be caused by a single person.)
  5. Whoever “A” is; they have access to everything. Phones, computers, offices, surveillance equipment, morgues, money, the town seems to be “A”s playground and every inch is at their disposal. It’s incredibly disconcerting to know that there is absolutely nowhere our Liars are safe. Nowhere.

Ok. So those are things we know for sure. There’s no way the show can deviate from those facts. That being said, that’s very little to go on. Now it’s time to speculate.

  • Spencer’s dad is skeevy. He’s obviously in deeper with the De Laurentis family than he’s willing to admit. I’m not satisfied with his admissions thus far. He’s got more on the line, I can just feel it.
  • Aria’s brother Mike is troubled in a potentially chemical-imbalanced-with-a-violent-streak way. That’s a serious issue and the Montgomery parents are divided on how to handle it. (Designed to spark discussion between families? Well played ABCFamily.) Now that this major issue is encircling Mike, I’m going on a limb and saying he’s either being tortured by “A” too or his issues are completely unrelated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was being forced to be a source for “A” but again, total speculation.
  • When Spencer and Aria managed to nab and read Alison’s autopsy report, it was discovered that there’s a page missing, I instantly thought “Smoking gun: she was pregnant. That page would have pointed the finger at someone specific.” With the list of potential male enemies of Alison growing exponentially per episode, this could be a red herring. There have been so many red herrings, good ones, but red herrings none the less. Frankly, I’m tired of the dead ends!

I need something, ABC Family. I need some sort of answer! A face, a name, a CRUMB of evidence that points to who “A” really is and what their motives are! The frustrations are percolating, I’m committed ok?? You got me!! Now just give me something tangible we can all point to and gasp about in the finale!!  While you think about what’s happened this season so far and what we might see tonight in the finale, follow the jump for some video previews that make it seem like our Liars are into some deep, dark things –



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  • Lisa Sierra

    I think that “A” is somehow linked to the parents of all the girls and Spencers family is in it up to their eyeballs(could Jason DeLaurentis be Spencers half brother?)

    I think Aria’s whole affair with Ezra is going to come out next season due to the Ezra’s Ex is not going to go quietly like Aria hoped. I also think that Ezra is hiding something.

    What about this BFF club? “We See All” I think that they know who killed Allison.