Eric Benet and Erica Gluck Head to GMC with Trinity Goodheart


I recently had the privilege to sit down with Trinity Goodheart’s Erica Gluck (Trinity) and Eric Benet (Jeremy), and discovered that this Reelworks Studios project was more than a film to them. It was a life-changing event.

Benet Relives His Past

Benet, in particular, found a haunting resemblance between Gluck and his now 19 year-old daughter, India. He told me that, during the making of this film, he felt like he was going back in time to when India was twelve years old. And the trip was magical.

The film brought heartbreaking memories to Benet’s mind as well. India’s mother was killed in a car accident 16 years ago, leaving him to raise their child as a single parent. In this respect, his role as Jeremy became very real.

Determination and Persistence Pay Off

But Benet may never have been involved with the project at all if it weren’t for the prodding of Gospel Music Channel producer Brad Siegel and screenwriter Rhonda Baraka.

Benet chuckles when he recalls how the two “ambushed” him at one of his concerts in Atlanta with news that they had found the perfect script for him. After reading and rejecting many scripts over the years, he was naturally skeptical.

The “Perfect” Script Surfaces

The skepticism was quickly short-lived, however, as soon as he got on a plane leaving Atlanta and began reading the script. “I immediately fell in love with it,” he told me.

The same is true for Gluck (Mirrrors, The Game), who fell in love with Trinity right away, calling her “amazing.” She could also see herself in Trinity’s relentless search for her lost family. “I love turning ideas into reality,” she confessed to me.

The Set Becomes a Family

Complementing the family-friendly feeling of the project was the environment on the set. Benet is quick to credit Director Joanne Hock with the creation of this environment, which he described to me as “a very nurturing environment, where everyone wants everyone to do well.”

Benet appreciated the sentiment the set stirred in him and wanted to do the best job he could in his first principal role as an actor. (He had previously performed in a small role in the WB sitcom, For Your Love, during the 1999-2000 TV season).

For Trinity Goodheart, he hired an acting coach to help him express his character’s emotions properly. He revealed to me that he has now caught the acting bug and “would absolutely love to act again.”

For Gluck, the most challenging part of her role initially was the sadness in Trinity’s life. But, she is quick to add that, “This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’m just happy I got to do it.”

By the time Gluck was four, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She confided to me that, “It’s (acting) a dream come true, one that I’ve dreamed of living since I was four years old.”

Benet Songs Used in the Script

Benet’s talents as a singer/songwriter also shine in the film. After meeting with Reelworks producer Rick Eldridge, Benet agreed that two of his songs would be a good fit for the project: “Hurricane” from the album of the same title and “Somebody’s Waiting for Me.”

Trinity Goodheart debuts on the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) on August 20, airing repeat performances before its scheduled DVD release date, yet to be announced.

Cheryl has been a freelance TV/film writer for more than 10 years. Simultaneously, she has worked in PR for Bon Jovi Productions in NYC, PolyGram Records (also in NYC), and Rogers & Cowan Public Relations. Cheryl has published articles at, “Sci-Fi Entertainment” magazine, and “Soap Opera Weekly.” She was also a credited researcher for English author Denis Meikle’s JOHNNY DEPP: A KIND OF ILLUSION. Cheryl enjoys writing for the entertainment industry and meeting new people. She is also an animal lover.

Article originally posted at Suite101.