Quick Take: AGAINST THE WALL on Lifetime

Lifetime’s latest hour long drama, AGAINST THE WALL, premieres tonight at 10PM (bumping THE PROTECTOR to Mondays effective tomorrow).

Abby Kowalski, the only daughter in a family of cops (her father and three brothers are all on the job), takes the only available detective position in the Internal Affairs department.  Almost immediately, her father turns against her; two of her brothers claim it to be “typical Abby;” and her third brother, Richie (clearly her favorite) gets involved in her new life in multiple ways.

The cast includes Treat Williams and Kathy Baker (easily two of my favorites) as Dad and Mom, with three lovely gentlemen playing Abby’s brothers. Rachael Carpani (you might recognize the Australian beauty from THE GLADES) is a great find as Abby.  She plays a character that is just starting to figure out her life as a detective, while dealing  with the fact that her family just doesn’t understand.  She’s your classic “good at her job, bad at her personal life” character that people love to watch.  The show is an easy hour to watch, and Carpani’s chemistry with just about everyone she meets is spot on.  She and Marisa Ramirez are great partners – learning the ropes with each other; arguing one minute, supporting each other the next.  I was surprised to find myself almost immediately invested in the show and I’ve already set the DVR to make sure I don’t miss the next episode!

Check out the premiere of AGAINST THE WALL at 10/9c after an all new DROP DEAD DIVA tonight on Lifetime!