Comic Con 2011: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Sizzle Reel

Who is ready for all new episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES? I’m counting the days!  Check out this “sizzle reel” from the panel that they had this past weekend at Comic Con!


  • Lisa Sierra

    I just watched the Vampire Diaries last night. I don’t know if there will be any turning back for Stefan. What about Tylers mom? Why did she do that to Caroline? does she know what Caroline is and that her son is a Werewolf?

  • Lisa Sierra

    I love Vampire Diaries. I figure that after the incident with Klaus trying to turn those werewolves into hybrids it wont be long before he figures out that Elena is still alive.

    Furthermore, what about the tension between Damon and Elena? I say forget Stefan, I am all for Hot Vampire Sex with Damon! What a hunk!

    Carolines father is going to kill her? Maybe, Maybe not, I hope Tyler will be able to rescue her.

    I know that this series is not keeping true to the books but who cares? this is great stuff.