What I’m Watching – Monday, 7-11-11

Is everyone going to get their free Slurpees at the Sev (7-11) today?  As it turns out, for a summer Monday, there are a lot of premieres tonight and I’m watching them all!

At 8

EUREKA is back with the mid-season premiere (Season 4.5 for those keeping track).  In tonight’s all new episode, a rescue mission puts some relationships to the test.  The mid-season finale last year left Zane wondering why Jo was holding onto his grandmother’s ring, and the premiere does what it can to further that along and keep the star-crossed lovers at a distant but getting closer together.  Allison and Jack are in the honeymoon phase and something Fargo manages to do forces them to get real, very quickly.  The season promises to be another great one with guest stars like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day sticking around for a bit to add some fun dynamics, while Ming Na is around to give Fargo a hard time.  It’s my pick for must watch show of the night!

At 9

When Myka Bering left the Warehouse at the end of last season, no one knew how exactly Pete could go on, let alone how WAREHOUSE 13 continues without her, but the season premiere, tonight on Syfy, does a great way of showing us just that.  Pete is having trouble come to terms with the fact that Myka’s gone.  He, Artie, and Claudia head out to save Jersey City from Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, they come face to face with ATF agent Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) – a man who can tell if you’re lying (worth noting – the bro-chemistry between Steve and Pete is on fire, even when Pete doesn’t want a new partner).  In an hour that felt like it went by too quickly, they worked in a new WH13 member, addressed Myka’s absence, and set up what I’m sure is going to be another fantastic season of one of my favorite shows!

Over on HGTV, an all new season of DESIGN STAR premiere – hosted this year by Tanika Ray.  David Bromstad is back to his roots, helping these designers in a mentor role.  It’s always one of my favorite shows – and then I never seem to watch the show that the hosts go on to create.  Am I alone in that?  At any rate, Vern Yip, Candace Olsen, and Genevieve Gorder are back as the judging panel, and I’m so excited to see what crazy things the designers are able to come up with!

Brenda Leigh Johnson is back (for her final season), and it’s not going to be as easy as riding off into the sunset. THE CLOSER premieres tonight with the investigation into the murder of a recently-famous rapper at a house that he doesn’t own.  Adding insult to injury, an old case from Brenda’s past is coming back to get her, when she is faced with an internal affairs investigation.  On top of all that, a new flow chart causes issues with who the team reports to, and a crazy surprise in the final minutes of the premiere show us that while Kyra Sedgwick may be on her way out of the precinct, the show is going to continue to give us something to talk about.

Also set on the DVR tonight at 9: MASTER CHEF, SWITCHED AT BIRTH, MAN VS WILD (with Jake Gyllenhaal)

At 10

RIZZOLI & ISLES is back tonight, facing the aftermath of the shootout that left Jane Rizzoli bleeding on the sidewalk.  Over the course of the show last year, I really started to like the relationship that these two women had, along with the friendships that they have with their team (and Jane’s family dynamic).  It’s no longer just another procedural cop show that I’m watching every week – it’s something to look forward to.  In the first episode of the new season, Jane (spoiler alert, she’s the star of the show) is about to be commended as a hero, and is struggling with that fact.  At an awards ceremony, she learns a little bit about her family, and meets up with the man who could be the love of her life (and mine) – her old boyfriend played by Chris Vance.  As the team investigates an explosive death, and Jane tries to worm her way off of medical leave, the show solidifies itself as the kind of easy summer drama that people should be watching!

Syfy’s Monday night of premieres closes out the evening with the all new drama ALPHAS – about a team of seeming misfits who have extra-special abilities that make them good for solving difficult cases that the FBI would prefer to pretend don’t exist.  David Strathairn leads the team as they investigate how a random shooting could have been the work of another “Alpha” like them.  The premiere episodes does a great job of establishing these characters – for example, Gary (the standout for me, played by Ryan Cartwright of BONES) is an autistic man who can visibly see radio waves – and I feel like I know them already.  It was a show that was easy to get into, and will be easy to enjoy, as long as they continue to find new and different ways for these ALPHAS to show off their skills.  It’s definitely worth watching, and I think it’s going to immediately find itself at home on your DVR!

Also set on the DVR tonight at 10: TEEN WOLF, WEEDS

What are you watching tonight?