Giveaway: COVERT AFFAIRS prize pack!

Have you been spending time with COVERT AFFAIRS on Tuesday nights?  It’s a great follow up to the fun season of WHITE COLLAR we’ve had so far, and I think it gets better each week.  Who’s with me?  To celebrate the show, My Take on TV and USA Network are teaming up to give one lucky reader a fantastic COVERT AFFAIRS prize pack!

The Prize Pack includes:
Custom Nylon Bag ($10)
Season 1 DVDs ($60)
Zip Buds ($45)
USA Summer T-Shirt ($15)
USA 10-City Summer Guide
Approximate retail value: $130

To enter, leave us a comment to tell us what kind of mission you want to go on with Annie and Auggie and the gang?

Open to US residents only.


  • Beth T.

    A covert one, of course. Involving travel to exotic, yet English-speaking, places. In which much bonding would take place, increasing team cohesion. Just enough danger to counter-balance the witty banter. And then, home safe.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win this one.

  • Stephanie

    I’d want to do a mission that involved a Spanish-speaking country. Spain would be nice. But I’d rather be on Auggie’s tech team than Annie’s be-sneaky team. Or maybe an online mission, watching someone’s twitter/facebook accounts to catch them that way?

    Great giveaway!

  • Vanessa

    I’m so glad this show is back! I want to take a mission back to Annie’s island hut! I’m certain there is more to explore there and if not…sitting on the beach wouldn’t be so bad! Of course, having Auggie along would make it all the more better. I’d definitely have to be the one to stay in the van though whatever mission we do…I’m a bit of a scaredy cat but to have some tech skills!

  • Laura DeLuca

    I would like to go on a mission to capture theives in Ireland

  • Stephanie P.

    My favorite episodes are always the undercover missions as opposed to the ones where Annie is on the run, so I would choose something undercover.

  • Ali

    I would want to go undercover to gain intelligence in Moscow as it is an amazing city and cannot not imagine what type of obstacles and adventure would arise.

  • Betty

    I’d like to go on a mission to protect a source with Auggie as my teammate — COVERT AFFAIRS is the best show

  • Any mission with Ben & Annie. *sigh* I love those two. Perhaps Monaco during a grand prix weekend? LOL

  • Caren

    A mission that takes them to southern Saskatchwan to catch bad guys trying to sneak across the border into North Dakota with nuclear materials.