CourtneyK’s Wednesday Quick Take: ROYAL PAINS “Traffic”

The ongoing saga of disgraced heart of gold Doctor Hank in The Hamptons begins tonight. Part Dr. House, part MacGyver; the good Dr. Hank Lawson of Hank MED continues to amaze by fixing broken femurs using nothing but chewing gum and prayer (just kidding!) all the while speaking in such dulcet tones he could convince anyone that they are getting sleepy….very sleepy and count backwards from 10…(shakes head) whoa! I felt hypnotized there for a moment, I didn’t cluck like a chicken did I?? I digress! Summer has begun, and as is customary with the upper crust that hob-knob in The Hamptons there are parties to host, people to save and love on the rocks! All the pretty, rich, and did I mention pretty people there need on-call doctors after all. It promises to be a summer full of interesting diagnoses, heroic saves, and twists of the heart.

If you didn’t watch ROYAL PAINS last summer season, you can be assured that catching the premiere this year won’t make you feel like you’re jumping in too late. Good solid show with witty banter that feels natural. What do you think? Will you be watching? ROYAL PAINS premieres tonight at 9/8cPM on USA before the premiere of NECESSARY ROUGHNESS!