CourtneyK’s Thursday Quick Take: BURN NOTICE Season 5 Premiere

When we last left Michael Westen he was *this close* to finding out who burned him and working with the C.I.A.  When the Season 5 premiere kicks off (tonight on USA at 9/8c before the series premiere of SUITS), he’s still there.

BUT I have to tell you – I have nothing bad to say about it! Michael Westen is a badass. Plain and simple. Jeffrey Donovan was born to play burned spy Michael Westen; he’s got the hardcore dead-pan face down COLD! I’m telling you, if he even walks near a room I’m in, I’m going to be handing over any and all passwords to anything I’ve ever known ever. Ever. The guy is a Bad. Ass.

The basic premise of the show still holds true; however, it looks like the C.I.A. has opened their super secret spy doors just a crack for our pal Michael to sneak right in.  Of course, the bureaucracy of government work seems to throw a fairly large monkey wrench in the group dynamic between Michael, Sam (the effervescent Bruce Campbell) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). There’s always a down side, isn’t there? At least, luckily for the viewer, there is! We get to see the BN Team in loads of action with lovely snarky tidbits to savor in this summer’s premiere. It’s worth watching for sure!

Check it out tonight and let us know what you think!

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