Tune into TNT tonight – MEMPHIS BEAT and HAWTHORNE return!

Tonight on TNT, returning shows MEMPHIS BEAT and HAWTHORNE begin their 2nd and 3rd season respectively.

On the MEMPHIS BEAT premiere, Dwight and the team investigate the death of a police officer and their investigation leads them to uncover an Internal Affairs investigation (with a pretty investigator, of course), an anti-black militia, and another adorable scene of Jason Lee’s Dwight being great with children.  Add to that the Lieutenant’s utter dislike for Whitehead, Sutton’s usual nerdy charm, and that pretty IA investigator (Beau Garrett) throwing some drama into the mix and you’ve got a solid way to start the season.  Jason Lee is looking better than ever and his relationship with his mom is still wonderful.  The show is an easy way to pass the hour, and perfect for a Saturday marathon to get all caught up!

Premiering right after MEMPHIS BEAT is the amped up season 3 premiere of HAWTHORNE.  What starts as a lovely afternoon wedding for Christina and Tom ends in a horrible attack that brings everyone in the hospital together.  Marc Anthony is back this season (as a regular) and he’s immediately brought in to tackle the investigation, and to stare longingly at Christina for a while.  New recurring guest star Derek Luke is brought in right away as Tom’s new protege, and they immediately face a challenge when Tom does some license-revocation-type stuff to save someone he loves.  There is a lovely and sad juxtaposition in scenes featuring Candy (spoilers…) and Christina.  Very emotional!  The season premiere sets the stage for an intense season – will you be watching?