THE REAL L WORD Season 2 premieres tonight!

Tonight on Showtime, Season 2 of their reality series THE REAL L WORD premieres at 10PM.  The show, from the Ilene Chaiken (c0-creator of THE L WORD), follows the lives of seven lesbians living their lives in Los Angeles.  The show dropped most of their season 1 cast, except for Whitney (you know her – she’s the wild child special effects designer); Whitney’s ex Romi is now a full fledged cast member, living with her new girlfriend Kelsey.  Also along for the season, though not billed as “cast members,” are Whitney’s roommate Alyssa and Whitney’s sometimes ex Sara (Sada).

The new cast includes Claire – a NY transplant who left her girlfriend Vivian on the East Coast – as she moves to LA to try and make her online magazine about Lesbian life take off.  Claire’s ex girlfriend Francine is another newbie this season – she is struggling with what to make of Claire’s move to LA as well as whether to come out to her traditional Japanese mother.  The new couple in the cast, Kacy and Cori, have been married for a few years and are working towards starting a family.  Rounding out the cast is Sajdah – Saj is new to LA, as well, having recently graduated college.  She also recently went butch and is going to find her footing fast in the dating world after she falls hard for her mate!

The show is still trying to find its footing as it starts the second season – it narrowly toes the line between insightful docu-drama and gratuitous sapphic porn, but I’m immediately more drawn to this season’s cast than I was to last season’s insufferable Rose and Natalie, for example.  The show continues to be an interesting look into a world and dating scene that most viewers are not terribly familiar with, and I’ve definitely set the DVR to see how the season plays out after the premiere introduces us in a fast-paced way to this fun new group (I can guarantee that I am already hating Romi – she hasn’t changed much since last year; she’s just nagging someone new).  It’s worth a shot – let us know your thoughts after you watch?