Kathryn Erbe & Jay Sanders Talk Final Season of LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT


Law and Order: Criminal Intent premiered the initial episode of its tenth and final season on May 1 on the USA Network.

Erbe and Sanders Discuss New Season in Audio Junket

The following week, I was fortunate enough to join an audio junket with Kathryn Erbe (Alexandra Eames) and Jay O. Sanders (Captain William Hannah) as they discussed a new season of changes and new beginnings and revealed some inside information on the episode “Boots on the Ground” (air-date May 15).

Reprisal of Roles Fuel Audience Enthusiasm

Erbe began with a debt of gratitude paid to the fans and loyal supporters of the series over the years. Fan support is a big reason the series is back for another season, and Erbe couldn’t hide the “huge joy” she felt at being asked to reprise her role. When she exited the set last year to an abrupt season ending, it left her in what she calls the “depths of despair.” She wanted to take the opportunity to express thanks to the strong fan base of the series, saying she is “so, so grateful” and “so moved” by the enthusiastic audience support, and she likened her first day back on the set to “coming home.” “It was awesome, very emotional.”

Sanders chimes in his agreement. He sees the set as a “fun environment,” heavily due to the friendship played out between Erbe and partner, Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio).

Sanders Brings Back an Old Friend

Sanders, an accomplshed stage and screen actor (The Day After Tomorrow, Pygmalion on Broadway), has been tapped to play the new Major Case Captain. The role is not unfamiliar to him in that, during his long and illustrious career, he has aptly portrayed characters on both sides of the law. In Law and Order, one of his first liberties as Captain was to re-hire an old friend from the Police Academy, Robert Goren. Fans will remember that Goren was fired last year from the Major Case Squad for insubordination.

Surprising Turn of Events Hails Episode

Further surprises are in store for viewers. In the “Boots on the Ground” episode, the trail of the crime at hand led the Detectives to step into Earnes’ own background, the neighborhood where she grew up. During the course of the episode, we got inside the school she attended and met her father (Raymond J. Barry), who Erbe described as a “colorful character.”

Erbe Does Her Homework in Preparation for Role

Erbe says she spent a couple of months with her own neighborhood police department in Brooklyn in preparation for the Earnes role. She actually enjoyed the experience and said the people are very nice. She has a great deal of respect for them.

Asked if she thought she could pass herself off as an officer at that department in real life, Erbe is quick to add that she’d be too much of a wimp and would probably be looking around for the hair and make-up departments.

Series Promises New Adventures

Eight episodes have been ordered by the USA Network. In an NBC Universal press release, the networks promise an exciting season. “Each week, viewers will be taken through sizzling, sexy episodes of murder and provocative themes, such as: a beautiful female banker whose sole client was the Catholic Church; an adventuresome rogue who may be the country’s best cyber-warrior; and a woman who was blackmailing a wealthy, tabloid-fodder ‘bad boy.'” In addition, viewers will have the opportunity to help Goren reveal his past, as he attends some mandatory visits with the police psychologist.

Some Series Characteristics Remain Stable

Erbe reveals that her character did have some misgivings about Goren in the beginning, but her fears were soon put at ease, and things got pretty much back to normal.

The audience will not get much of a look into Sanders’ character, as the series will continue its usual trend of focusing on the cases presented.

Produced by Wolf Films and Universal Cable Productions, Law and Order: Criminal Intent airs Sunday nights at 9.


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