What’s On? Wednesday, 5/11/11

In the wake of FOX’s blood bath last night (canceling 5 shows), they’re still airing one of the dearly departed tonight.  Interested to see how it does, ratings wise, now that people know BREAKING IN is a goner.  In other news, I’m watching ABC basically all night, because tonight’s HAPPY ENDINGS is one of the best so far, and I love when an episode of THE MIDDLE is Axl-focused!

What are you watching?

WED 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
What’s On the Big Five?
CBS Survivor: Redemption Island

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

ABC The Middle

Better With You

Modern Family

Cougar Town

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

NBC Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Law & Order: SVU

FOX American Idol

Breaking In

CW America’s Next Top Model America’s Next Top Model

Cable Highlights
Top Chef Masters (Bravo), South Park (COM), Workaholics (COM), Mythbusters (DSC), Dateline on E! (E!), Web Soup (G4), Income Property (HGTV), Property Brothers (HGTV), 2 eps of Dateline on ID (ID), Cold Blood (ID), The Real World (MTV), Navajo Cops (NGC), Car Warriors (SPEED), The Ultimate Fighter (SPIKE), 2 eps of House of Payne (TBS), and Spouse vs House (TLC).
*Reminder: Pink = Premiere, Orange = Finale, Yellow = Special, Green = New, Blue = Rerun, Purple = Live, Gray = Local