What made me cry on TV last night? THE OFFICE – Seasons of Michael

Welcome to what I’m sure is will be a daily thing as sweeps start and weddings happen and babies are born, and people die, and people leave their shows.  First entry? THE OFFICE, of course.

Michael Scott is almost out of the building, and I’ll tell you what, I’m not ready for it, if last night’s tear-fest is any indication.  When the Dunder Mifflin folks broke out into one of my favorite songs, Dunder-Mifflin-ized, the waterworks started!!

Did you cry?



  • Tiffany

    if you dont cry you’re dead inside

  • Mase

    well tiff… i didnt cry but i did almost piss my pants when will ferrell asked jim where he was on september 11th… haha

    amazing show. but wont last without steve.