What’s On? Wednesday, 4/20/11

So everyone’s going to watch COUGAR TOWN and HAPPY ENDINGS tonight, right? After you watch an AWESOME new THE MIDDLE, which has one of the best lines Sue Heck has EVER muttered, and a great new MODERN FAMILY?  And don’t forget Jimmie Johnson is on BREAKING IN!!

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What’s On the Big Five?
CBS Survivor: Redemption Island

Criminal Minds Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
ABC The Middle

Better With You

Modern Family

Cougar Town

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

NBC Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
FOX American Idol

Breaking In

CW America’s Next Top Model America’s Next Top Model

Cable Highlights
Bravo Top Chef: Masters Top Chef: Masters Top Chef: Masters

FX Role Models Justified

Syfy Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters

Fact or Faked

Also NEW tonight: Storage Wars (A&E), I’m Alive (APL), Workaholics (COM), Mythbusters (DSC), Naruto (DXD), Income Property (HGTV), Propert Brothers (HGTV), Jesus: The Lost 40 Days (NGC), Cold Blood (ID), 2 eps of Glamour Belles (LIFE), The Real World (MTV), Inside the Muslim Brotherhood (NGC), Tori and Dean: sTORIbook Weddings (OXY), The 10 (SPEED), Car Warriors (SPEED), Car Science (SPEED), UFC Unleased (SPIKE), The Ultimate Fighter (SPIKE), Coal (SPIKE), 2 eps of House of Payne (TBS), Extreme Couponing (TLC), Hoarding: Buried Alive (TLC), and Operation Repo (TRU).
*Reminder: Pink = Premiere, Orange = Finale, Yellow = Special, Green = New, Blue = Rerun, Purple = Live, Gray = Local