Monday Must Watch: HOUSE and THE CHICAGO CODE on FOX

Tonight, FOX is all new, and definitely worth your time!  HOUSE and THE CHICAGO CODE are back after a few weeks of reruns with two solid hours of TV that give showcases to certain cast members while moving the storylines right along.

On HOUSE, we haven’t heard much from Remy Hadley (Thirteen) since she disappeared a year ago.  There was speculation among the team about where she might be, with Foreman going so far as to check hospitals and any new Parkinson’s trial that might be happening.  Well, tonight, in her long awaited return (after movie-stardom-mandated hiatus), Thirteen is back and Olivia Wilde has never been better.  We find out almost instantly where she’s been, but why she’s been there takes some investigating as she and House head to the a Spud Gun competition (yep, potatoes shot out of rocket launchers, basically).  Throughout the course of the hour, they both share a few confessions and by the end of the episode House makes Thirteen a promise that changes their relationship for the better.

On THE CHICAGO CODE, the weather has hit the triple digits and Chicago is going crazy because of it.  Shorter hours and less men on the street means that Theresa is out patrolling, after being forced to pick a new driver in the still-painful wake of Antonio’s death (she picks a winner, and I cannot wait to see this man on a weekly basis).  She slowly forms a bond with him and a front stoop conversation goes a completely different direction than I was expecting (hoping?).  We also get to see Caleb deal with making a promise to find a killer, a promise that may be too difficult to keep, and in doing so, he manages to gain some respect from Jarek.  Liam is quickly moving up the ranks of the Alderman’s organization, and I may be alone in thinking this, but I think he’s drinking the Alderman’s bad-seed kool-aid! And Vonda and Isaac are up to no good in a whole other way.

Be sure to check out the all new episodes on FOX tonight.  HOUSE “The Dig” airs at 8/7c; THE CHICAGO CODE “Wild Onions” airs at 9/8c.