My Take On…BREAKING IN with Christian Slater

Tonight on FOX, stick around after watching poor Jeff Beck strumming along to the contestants on AMERICAN IDOL (or, if you’re like me, turn to FOX after AMERICAN IDOL is over) for a fun half hour look into the imaginary world of Contra Security.  Bret Harrison (THE LOOP, REAPER) stars as perennial college student Cameron, hacking his way through life, staying in college as long as his computer skills will let him.  When Cameron is blackmailed into joining Oz’s (Christian Slater) team at Contra Security, he immediately finds himself “at home.”

Along for the ride are his soul-mate-that-doesn’t-know-it-yet Melanie (Odette Yustman Annable); her douche-y current boyfriend Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum who is even better in episode 2); prankster Cash (Alphonso McAuley); and man of a million disguises Josh (Trevor Moore who does amazing things with eyebrows in episode 2).  This ragtag bunch of “criminals” try to crack security systems of the rich and famous before actual criminals can – basically, they test it and find the problems to fix so that no actual break ins can happen.

Bret Harrison is adorable and charming; his streak of put-upon leading mean continues with his approach to Cameron – he’s completely out of his element, but at the same time, he fits right in.  His chemistry with Annable is great, and she’s great as the cool and collected Melanie who is clearly a little “off” to go on dating Dutch.  However, it’s Harrison’s bro-mance type chemistry with a really funny Christian Slater that makes the show for me.  Slater’s Oz is the most eccentric boss out there.  He reads lips and walks around all day with a Samurai sword, just because he can; he knows the answer to every question and is probably the scariest boss out there.  This role is perfect for Christian Slater and I can’t wait to see more as the season goes.  If there’s one complaint, McAuley’s Cash is the weakest part for me in the pilot, but by episode 2, he’s given more reason to be there, and the group meshes really well.

All in all, the show combines the antics we’re used to from dramatic spy shows with the absurdity of day-to-day office life and gives us a pretty charming way to pass the time.

BREAKING IN premieres on FOX at 9:30/8:30c after an all new AMERICAN IDOL.