What’s On? Sunday, 4/3/11

Happy Sunday to you all – lots of good stuff happening tonight! The premiere of THE KILLING, which I’m hearing amazing things about; Part Three of MILDRED PIERCE; another great episode of BREAKOUT KINGS; the premiere of Showtime’s THE BORGIAS (slow and calculated; could get better). What are you watching?

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What’s On the Big Four?
CBS The 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards 

ABC Secret Millionaire 

Desperate Housewives 

Body of Proof 

NBC America’s Next Great Restaurant 

Celebrity Apprentice 

FOX The Simpsons Bob’s Burgers Family Guy The Cleveland Show 

Cable Highlights
A&E Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Breakout Kings 

AMC Se7en The Killing 

HBO True Blood Game of Thrones 

Mildred Pierce 

Just Wright
LIFE Army Wives Army Wives 

Coming Home 

SHO Nurse Jackie United States of Tara The Borgias 

Also NEW tonight: The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo), Kourtney and Kim Take New York (E!), Holly’s Worlds (E!), 2 episodes of Chopped All-Stars (FOOD), Challenge (FOOD), Ax Men (HIST), Holmes Inspection (HGTV), House Hunters International (HGTV), Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale (MTV), Eating with Cannibals (NGC), Finding Jack the Ripper (NGC), Sister Wives (TLC), and 2 episodes of Strange Sex (TLC).
*Reminder: Green = New, Pink = Premiere, Purple = Live, Blue = Rerun, Gray = Local

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    The Cleveland Show live (I feel like the only one watching it, but it’s good more often than not), The Killing later online because I don’t have AMC (I was ambivalent about it until recently and I figured I would give it a go).