What’s On? Wednesday, 3/30/11

What’s everyone watching tonight? I’m not sure I’m tuning into TOP CHEF because I don’t like either of the finalists.  What about you all?

WED 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS Survivor: Redemption Island

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

ABC The Middle The Middle Modern Family Mr Sunshine

Off the Map

NBC Minute to Win It

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

FOX American Idol

CW America’s Next Top Model

Shedding for the Wedding

BRAVO Top Chef Top Chef Top Chef

FOOD Throwdown with Bobby Flay Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Chopped: All Stars Restaurant: Impossible
FX The X-Files: I Want to Believe Justified

MTV My Life as Liz Teen Mom 2 The Real World

SYFY Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters

Fact or Faked

TBS Meet the Browns Meet the Browns Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? House of Payne

House of Payne

TLC Sister Wives Sister Wives Hoarders: Buried Alive Hoarders: Buried Alive

*Reminder: Green = New, Purple = Live, Blue = Rerun, Gray = Local


  • kaliel2000

    Wanted to watch Justified but it appears its not on. The one I tried to watch last night was a rerun

  • Kyle

    Survivor, Criminal Minds and then prob Off The Map with Top Chef during commercials. Blaise is arrogant and Isabella is annoying–guess I’m “rooting” more for Mike to lose than Richard to win.
    Really enjoyed last week’s Justified (my favorite ep so far) but that will prob wait until tomorrow. Along with Mr Sunshine and Suspect Behavior (both of which I’m not sure why I continue to watch!)