BREAKOUT KINGS premieres tonight!

A&E’s latest foray into the drama fold, BREAKOUT KINGS, premieres tonight.  The show follows a rag-tag bunch of cons as they help law enforcement capture escaped convicts.  Starring Domenick Lombardozzi and Laz Alonso, with Serinda Swan (who does not appear in the pilot) and Jimmy Simpson, among others, the show looks at the ins and outs of escaping jail combined with the manhunt that follows when the team gets together.  The show was a classic crime caper that never quite explains to the fullest why the cons that are helping are any better than regular cops might be at solving the case, but it had a lot of action and moved pretty quickly.  The next few weeks feature guest turns from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Derek Phillips (Billy Riggins) and T-Bag from PRISON BREAK (Robert Knepper – yes, as the actual character of T-Bag). It’s an easy way to pass an hour – give a look and let us know what you think!