Friday Must Watch: SUPERNATURAL…guest starring on SUPERNATURAL?

If there’s one thing you do tonight, make sure you check in with the Winchester boys as a surprise visit from an old foe lands them in an alternate universe, where they’re no longer hunters.  They’re just actors, named Jared and Jensen, the wealthy stars of a TV show called SUPERNATURAL. What follows is a really fun episode that pokes fun at the show, at the actors, at the creator, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

SUPERNATURAL, to me, is at its best, when it can throw in the background story, the scary angel/demon/monster fighting world, and mix it with humor and uncomfortable new situations for our boys to adjust to. Putting them in this alternate universe where Sam finds out he’s married to “Ruby,” Dean learns a harsh truth about his car, and the lovely Sera Gamble (one of my favorite people) gets to poke fun at herself and her colleagues, adds a new spark to the show that I haven’t felt much this season. Ben Edlund has written some of my favorite SUPERNATURAL episodes (“Ghostfacers”, “Monster Movie”, among others), and tonight is no different. Smart, funny, fast, thoughtful, dangerous – all of the stuff you need in a good action-adventure-demon-hunting show!

Oh, and trust me, the show is worth watching for the scene where “Jared” and “Jensen” need to act for the camera opposite their tweet happy non-angel Misha-not-Castiel! Check out a preview clip for the episode, and be sure to watch tonight and let us know what you think!