Admittedly, I watch THE BACHELOR on a somewhat “when there is nothing else on” kind of schedule. For the first few seasons, I knew all of the Bachelors, and every single one of their paramours, and picked my favorites (dammit, Aaron, Gwen was THE ONE), but I’ve fallen out of moderate like with the series over the years. This season, for the first time, a former BACHELOR returns to try again, and after viewing the season premiere (which airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c), I might give the show a second chance. The chosen bachelorettes are just the right amount of crazy, and Brad Womack seems “fixed” and ready to make a commitment. If the first woman out of the limo slapping the BACHELOR she’s trying to impress doesn’t give you enough reason to tune in, check out a preview reel of what’s coming this season, and let us know after you watch – who is your first impression rose going to?