Monday Must Watch: THE CLOSER returns on TNT

One of my favorite shows, THE CLOSER, returns tonight for their shortened winter season, and their first episode back is fast paced, smart, and gives Lt Andy Flynn something exciting to do.  The basic story goes, without giving too much away, that something happens that brings Capt Raydor to town, and she works with Major Crimes to bust a druglord who hires hitmen.  Along the way, Brenda finds out some interesting information about why Raydor is being particularly nice to her on the case, and we get an extended and embedded car commercial for the Buzz’s Prius that’s done in a tasteful, not in your face, way.

What I love about the show is that it does change up the formula ever so slightly, while still maintaining a whodunit / get them by the end of the episode theme.  Tonight’s guest stars are great, aside from Mary McDonnell – Michael Mosley, who I really did love in SCRUBS, Jr from last year, and Peter Paige from QUEER AS FOLK, who needs to be back on TV on a weekly basis, pronto!

Tonight’s ep is funny, charming, chock full of information, and a really well paced hour of TV.  Don’t forget to watch THE CLOSER, tonight at 9/8c on TNT before the season 2 premiere of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE that finds Joe getting back in shape on the golf course, and Owen tiring of Terry as an employee.