My Take Too: Mase reviews the second half of SOUTH PARK Season 14

Please welcome newest contributor, Daniel “Mase” Mason –

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round for a tale of frights and sounds. For the tale of this tiny town has come to an end once again. I am talking about South Park internetters. The raunchiest show on television just capped off their 14th season on Comedy Central on November 17th. Much like most of the good people of this country, I didn’t notice last week when South Park was not on. On the other hand, I didn’t notice my fly being down when I was talking to that girl last week either.

So to cut this long story short, I miss South Park.

But don’t be mad. It’s not like Comedy Central won’t play the heck out of it all over Winter Break. Plus it isn’t back until April 4th, 2011. So in the mean time if you missed this season (or conclusion to the season for you cowheads), here is a look back at what you missed…

South Park was finally back on Oct 6th with by far one of the best written shows they had done in a long time. “Poor and Stupid” as the show was called followed Eric Cartman on his quest to be the poorest and stupidest person in the world, a NASCAR driver. Butters was his pit-crew chief and they were sponsored by a feminine hygiene product, Vagisil. The show didn’t attack anyone in NASCAR, although Cartman does spit profanities to Danica Pattrick and Dale Jr.

Next up, episode 204 “It’s a Jersey Thing”. Unless you were living under a rock this summer, with the exception to James Franco, you must know about the Jersey phenom that swept the nation. This was South Park’s take on the fab fad. Bulletpoints – 1. Snooki was a chupicabra. 2. It was a lot like a zombie movie. 3. Don’t piss off Kyle. 4. Did I mention that Snooki wanted smoosh smoosh?

205 – “Insheeption” – The downfall of the season. Great concept. Poor execution. The title was an obvious pun on the multi-million dollar blockbuster Inception. This episode was far-fetched, and was an easy dig on a movie that was a water cooler talk for about three months before. Anyway, this is a Stan Marsh episode with Mr. Mackey as well being the main story character. Stan and Mackey are both hoarders. Yes, hoarders. They then go into hypnotherapy and Mackey’s dreams are so intense they pull Stan into his mind. From there layer upon layer upon layer upo…zzzzzz


So here is where South Park find out who is loyal and who said screw it after last week’s episode. That’s right, Cthulhu is here and he is bringing the end of the world with him. This was all caused by the BP oil spill, who then changed their name to DP after the spill and continued drilling. When they drilled on the moon is when the portal was opened and Cthulhu could rise. So, who else to save the world but, the Coon and friends. That’s right I said friends. All the guys are doing the super hero thing, and I don’t want to spoil your fun in guessing who they are. Okay one hint, the Coon is not Token. Any who! This is a three-part episode. 206 “Coon2:Hindsight” 207 “Mysterion Rises” 208 “Coon vs. Coon and Friends”. I loved it. The best of the season, and I can’t wait to see the DVD with extra scenes cut for time.

The season finale was good. Not great, just good. It would have to hit home with you to be really funny. But honestly, we all know that we watch the Food Network from time to time and say, “I can do that”. Then you try it. Then you throw it out. Episode 209 “Crème Fraiche” was just that. If you love Randy Marsh stories then check this one out. Sharron tells Randy that he is not to watch the naughty channel. Of course I immediately think about Skin-I-max or maybe late night HBO. Nope, Randy watches the Food Network, and then stays up all night trying to recreate the meals while leaving the kitchen to everyone else to clean. But that’s the episode. Nothing more nothing less.

It was a good season. Out of  14 I can put this in the number 6 slot for best season. Well that’s all for now from South Park. Season 15 starts April 27, 2011.