My Take Too: Favorite TV moments with Diana

Hello! My name is Diana (@TVPrincess14) and I am a TV addict! It’s sad that even my friends and family joke about the amount of TV I watch or try to keep up on. But, we all have our flaws, right?  So, what better way to introduce you to me than sharing some of my favorite TV moments, the ones that I watch on repeat and get me every time.

1) GILMORE GIRLS – “Love, Daisies, and Troubadours” – I became a fan of GILMORE GIRLS late in the game; the show had ended and I still had not watched one episode even though my two best friends repeatedly told me that I would love it. And then one day, I decided to start watching it from the beginning and I instantly found a lot of things that were eerily similar between both Rory and myself. The quote alone about packing 12 books to go on vacation is me in a nutshell. I always have a stack of books to read that I will never finish. But, the scene, the one that gets me every time is when Lorelai walks in and discovers Max as delivered a thousand yellow daisies to her work in order to propose. It’s simple, romantic, and even though they never walked down the aisle, it’s one of the most romantic proposal that still chokes me up and when it re-airs, I have to watch every single moment.

2) F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – “The One Where Ross Finds Out” – Although not the first kiss shared between Ross & Rachel, it was the most memorable on the most perfect. I watched FRIENDS from day one until the end, and one of my favorite moments is where Ross & Rachel finally have that heart stopping kiss. A kiss that makes you wish you were on the other end of it.

3) MY SO CALLED LIFE – “Betrayal” – This short-lived series was one that never left my heart. I watched it when it began and was crushed as every teenager should be when it ended. Angela Chase loved Jordan Catalano like every teenager girl loves her first real crush and Jared Leto was the object of my affection. But, that moment where Angela realizes that she is no longer completely obsessed with Jordan is enlightening even now and she dances her cares away. Sometimes you do just wake up and you are over someone, after all the pining and lusting, he is no longer every single breath in your body.

4) HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – “Slap Bet” – A newer favorite to my list but one that if it’s on, I have to stop and watch the complete brilliance of Robin Sparkles! She was Tiffany and Debbie Gibson rolled into one neat package and “Let’s Go to the Mall” still pops into my head on occasion. Nothing could prepare you for the moment that Robin Sparkles came into the series but it made Robin so much more lovable and personable.

5) BEVERLY HILLS 90210 – “Things to do on a Rainy Day” – We all have our guilty pleasures, and Color Me Badd is high on that list for me! And this episode is one that makes my day every time I see it. It’s also when we finally see Tori Spelling creating a real character out of Donna but watching her melt when Color Me Badd walks into the Pit is the perfect moment for me.

So, there you have it, my favorite tv moments or at least the top 5. I have more and the list is quite lengthy, but this gives you an idea. – Diana