What’s On? Monday, 11/22/10

It’s almost Turkey Day, fellow United Staters.  Thank heavens for short work weeks, right?

What are you watching tonight?

MONDAY 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS How I Met Your Mother

Rules of Engagement

Two and a Half Men

Mike and Molly

Hawaii Five-0

ABC Dancing With the Stars (until 9:13)

Skating With the Stars (from 9:13)

NBC Chuck

The Event


Fox House

Lie To Me

CW 90210 Gossip Girl LOCAL
E Bruce Almighty Chelsea’s Big Interview Special 2

HBO Wartorn 1861-2010 In Treatment

In Treatment

Public Speaking

MTV True Life 16 & Pregnant World of Jenks

Reminder: Green = New; Purple = Live; No Color/Italics = Rerun; Gray = Local


  • Short work week and not a lot of new programming–so I can finally clear that TiVo backlog! We should get 3-day work weeks every week! 🙂

  • Boston Rob

    You wanna know what I’m watchin tonight?!
    Two and a half men!!
    You know it. Dat show is wicked good!