My Take Too: An Introduction by Courtney K.

Oi Oi! I’m Courtney K. (@the_games_afoot) and while I’m sure you’d rather get to the skinny on what mytakeontv has to offer, here’s a little blurble about me: Minor in Geek, Major in Snark, Doctorate in Boiling it Down. I’ll try and save you from snobby conjecture; you won’t need to dicipher my paragraphs but I will on occasion challenge you to think outside that box-thing-where-the-tv-people-live.

PARENTHOOD (NBC): Has anyone else found themselves constantly thinking “Why don’t these siblings talk to their FRIENDS??”

LIE TO ME (FOX – cast pictured at right): I’m completely in love with Lie to Me. Tim Roth gets sexier and sexier each episode. His accent besides; the way he walks and moves when watching someone is both off-putting and mesmerizing.  (Much like Vincent D’Nofrio on L&O: CI) Even without the background suspense-music, you can tell when his character’s mental wheels are turning and when he’s sussed out someone’s tells, the sharpness of his delivery is enough to make my jaw drop open. I know I can’t be alone in my desire to see Cal and Gillian at least make out! There is and has always been a chemistry there that rides the fine line of lust and friendship.

CASTLE (ABC): duh. Nathan Fillion is a sex god. End of line.

GLEE (FOX – Matthew Morrison and guest star Gwyneth Paltrow pictured left): I’m having trouble with the second season. I’m on board the bus (welcome aboard!) but I’m missing the fire I used to have for it. Now I wait for the music (More Chris Colfer and Amber Riley please!) and cringe whenever Lea Michelle eye-blink-squinch-face acts through her songs. I’m waiting for more storyline that I can be excited for. They have so many characters that need some decent meat to their backstory and they are barely scraping surfaces when they should be picking up the steak knife and serving it up! (now I’m hungry)

RAISING HOPE (FOX): the little show that could (in my book)! I was not looking forward to this show, now I can’t WAIT for it! Cloris Leachman is a killer and not the only one! Every member of the family (save the baby who can’t talk) has delivered line after line of hilarity, making this one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen hands down!

THE GOOD GUYS (FOX): c’mon Fox, this show deserves a better time slot than Fridays! They need to move it to earlier in the week…they are killing me with this. I love TGG and I’m terrified that any day now there’s going to be the announcement that it’s cancelled and I’ll shake my fist at Fox AGAIN!

SUPERNATURAL (The CW): Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki = see above RE: Nathan Fillion.

There’s more TV out there, friends. And yes, I’ll be watching!


  • Bradford

    Oh [CourtneyK], how delightful your blog is and I agree with many of your choices and thoughts. “Glee should serve it up!” and Raising Hope”raises the bar” I cannot waith for Wonder Woman to return to Tv so you can share your “Electric Lynda Carter” recipe!!

  • Raul Caudillo

    Hello there!

    You’re take on television is quite interesting. Though I don’t agree with Glee, since I have NEVER been on-board with those COMING OF AGE shows, especially ones that show glorified Karaoke stars trying to make it, you make a great writer! Love all your views! Hope to see more of this soon!!

  • Well done! One day I will catch up to my DVR and get watching all these shows!

  • Scifi Gal

    I majored in Geek. 🙂