Tuesday Must Watch: RAISING HOPE Full Hour on FOX

Tonight’s Must Watch is definitely the full hour of RAISING HOPE airing tonight after GLEE’s all new Rocky Horror Picture Show homage!  In the first half, the gang is celebrating Halloween as only these crazy people can.  When Sabrina’s boyfriend decides he’s ditching her on her favorite holiday, Jimmy steps in as her Batman, complete with an incredibly awesome homemade costume (pictured).  Burt acts like one of the neighborhood kids; Virginia takes Maw Maw trick or treating because a certain someone’s love of candy brought out the child in her.  When no one’s available to watch Hope, Jimmy’s not-so-reliable best friends step in.  What you end up with is a charming, funny, ridiculous, and absurd Halloween that you won’t forget.  If you watched the first half hour, stay for the second, when videos of Hope’s mama (Bijou Phillips) show up, Jimmy struggles with whether he should show them to her.  This is definitely one of my favorite shows on TV right now – I think it should be yours too!  Follow the jump for three more pics from tonight’s Halloween portion of the show!