Giveaway: PSYCH Gift Bag!!

USA’s hot roster of hit series gives viewers something to warm up to as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder.  November sees the return of fan-favorite PSYCH on Wednesday, November 10, at 10/9c with brand new cases waiting to be solved.  Visit the official PSYCH website for games, photos, and weekly prizes:  Visit USA Network’s Character Arcade to play games, challenge friends, and for more chances to win prizes!

The gift back you’ll be entered to win includes:
1 Pineapple Pillow
1 Season 4 DVD Set
1 PSYCH Book: “A Fatal Frame of Mind”
1 80s Candy Pack!

– Open to residents of the U.S. & Canada
– Prize courtesy of USA Network. Prize pack value:  $130

Read on for more info and how to enter the contest…

Check out this great new trailer for the all new Fall season of PSYCH – to enter, leave a comment telling us about a time you pretended to be something you’re not, to impress people or get something you need, like Shawn pretending to be a psychic!


  • Never shared this before, but now seems like a great time 😛 When I first started college, I thought no one else from my high school was going to the same University. So, the first day of class I was super nervous and wanted to make sure I’d make brand new friends, so my 17 year old self decided the only sure-fire way to make a great impression was to fake a British accent (I know, I know). And it was going great! Until some kid I had ONE class with in high school recognized me and said “that’s weird, aren’t you from Chicago? Didn’t we go to the SAME high school?” So, I had to tell the people I was talking to that I was studying for a play and was just practicing my accent — needless to say, those people never talked to me again.

  • I always pretend to be talking on my phone (hold it up to my ear, earpieces don’t work for this) when I walk through a mall that way the annoying sales people from the booths that try to get you to try their stuff are thwarted 🙂 Works every time!

  • When people think that I’m my twin brother Brett, I just go along with it–more annoying to try to explain it and then get the confused look of disbelief. This happened a few times in college since our schools were only 30 min apart.

  • Ashley H.

    I once said I was on my high school basketball team to impress a guy. I didn’t even try out for the team 🙂

  • I can honestly say I’ve never pretended to be something I’m not. Still would love to win this prize pack though!

  • Amber Gi

    When I was in beauty school I pretended to know more than I did, it came back and bit me!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  • Strunkette

    Sometimes I pretend to be a mother of 4 or 70 years old online so creepy guys will leave me alone. Especially if I’m playing games against real people. 🙂 I would also claim to be Canadian when traveling around the world and in areas where they aren’t big on Americans.

    That aside I love Psych and can’t wait for it to come back to my TV!

  • When visiting my (twin) brother at college, people in his dorm would constantly think I was him, so I told my brother if anyone was ever annoying him, I’d be happy to tell them off for him. He’s too nice of a guy to ever have taken me up on the offer. 😉

  • Patty

    I pretend to be really mean a grouchy all the time so stupid people will leave me alone. It works most of the time. And while I can BE grouchy I am not really mean. Except to spazy children. I like to make them pee. Because children need to know fear! (thank you Sue Sylvester! who has nothing to do with Psych but I need to watch this show because you love it right?)

  • Stephanie

    I’ve honestly never tried. Clearly though, I should. It seems to work pretty well for Shawn, and I need a job… I’d be a great fake psychic.

  • Laura DeLuca

    When I was in highschool in a school filled with rich kids, I used to pretend to be rich too so I fit in. These days I don’t worry about that anymore

  • Ali

    When I was in elementary school I used to pretend I was both Harrison Ford’s niece & Henry Ford’s great granddaughter, other than that I’m pretty much me except for like little lies — though if I thought I could get away w/ it I totally would be a detective or psychic detective and all that jazz. Psych’s the best!

  • sena

    OMG! I once was driving home from work and saw the car of this guy I used to ‘see’ in my rear view mirror. We were stuck in traffic, but the lane beside me was moving a bit faster. I couldn’t inch into the faster lane, but I saw he was creeping closer to me. I wasn’t in the mood to acknowledge him in case he passed by and waved hi, so I pretended to be listening to really loud music and singing. And my bad luck had his car parked right next to mine (no thanks to the traffic for holding his car right next to mine for quiet a while!) and I could see from the corner of my eye that he was signaling me and waving. Oh man! I really dreaded it and had to keep my act for awhile until it looked stupid. So then I turned to smile and tell him that his lane was moving!

  • Rachel B.

    Ive pretended to be older so I’d fit in with my older siblings friends.

  • Attila

    I once pretended to be my own barber when I was a kid. The results weren’t pretty.

  • Cynthia

    I remember one time when I was younger, I pretended to be sick to stay home, but I mean who hasn’t?

  • Pat

    I’ve pretended to be in horrible traffic when I really just wanted to sleep in.