Giveaway: BURN NOTICE Gift Bag!!

USA’s hot roster of hit series gives viewers something to warm up to as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder.  November sees the return of fan-favorite BURN NOTICE on Thursday, November 11, at 10/9c with brand new episodes.  Visit the official BURN NOTICE website for games, photos, and weekly prizes:  Visit USA Network’s Character Arcade to play games, challenge friends, and for more chances to win prizes!

The gift back you’ll be entered to win includes:
1 Season 3 DVD Set
1 BURN NOTICE “Chuck Finley” T-Shirt
1 BURN NOTICE Book: “The Getaway”
1 Logo Hat!

– Open to residents of the U.S. & Canada
– Prize courtesy of USA Network. Prize pack value:  $130

Read on for more info and how to enter the contest…

Check out this great new trailer for the all new Fall season of BURN NOTICE – to enter, leave a comment telling us why you think you’d make a great spy!


  • Gausniac

    Honestly I think I would make a great spy because 1. I have the proper detective training and skills from Veronica Mars and 2. I have the proper spy training from great shows like Burn Notice, Chuck and Alias! 😉 haha

  • Holli

    I would make a good spy because the older you get, the less people up to no good notice you. And yes I had to put on my reading glasses to type this.

  • I would make a great spy because….well frankly I wouldn’t. I’m a terrible liar. However I am a TERRIFIC lie DETECTOR! Plus what I don’t have in lying skills I more than make up for in beer-getting skills so I’d be indispensible to Sam 🙂

  • Karendipitee

    I am great at gathering intel, like finding this post. 🙂

  • I would love to be a great spy, but alas, I don’t think I have the ability to lie without breaking–and my fake accents are ‘orrible guvna…

  • Not sure I would make a great spy. I’d probably be better as an analyst. haha!

  • MsSully

    I would be a great spook because no one would even guess that I am one!

  • Strunkette

    I have always wanted to be a spy. Ever since I saw Sydney Bristow flip that chair and kick Suit and Glasses’ arse. I think I would be a great spy. I can do all kinds of accents and voices. I’m great on my toes and in tight situations. My only downfall would be that I’m terrible with languages.

    I want that Chuck Finley Shirt!!!

  • I’d be a great spy, because I can trick my kids into eating vegetables. Well in truth, she actually likes vegetables (strange kid). 🙂

  • Patty

    I would make a great spy because I am a badass! Really, because I am very observant and nosy and know all my neighbor’s business. How hard can that e to translate into spydom? And I am a fabulous stalker and wear lots of black!

  • JR

    I’d be an awesome spy because I’m really short, so I blend in to crowds and can find the best hiding places. But as the saying goes, the dynamite comes in small packages!! Bam! SPY.

  • Laura DeLuca

    I would make a good spy because I’m sneaky and a good liar

  • Ali

    I’d make a good spy because I’m sneaky, good w/ random trivia and facts, and pay a lot of attention to detail.

  • Rachel B.

    I’d make a great spy because Im sneaky and can move real quiet.

  • Attila

    I think I’d make a good spy because I can analyze situations and figure out good solutions for it.

  • Cynthia

    I think I would make a great spy because I know how to get myself out of sticky situations and am able to think on my feet.

  • Julie

    Probably because I’m a quick decision maker

  • Bets

    Because I know a little about a lot of stuff and can really adapt