Giveaway: CAPRICA S1 DVD and T-Shirt!


Season 1.5 of CAPRICA starts Tuesday October 5, and in time to celebrate, I have the privilege of giving away a copy of Season 1  on DVD, along with a CAPRICA t-shirt, to one lucky fan!  Check out this DVD exclusive clip about where the show is heading, and tell us what you’re most looking forward to in the next batch of episodes!! One lucky winner will be chosen at random! Also, follow the jump for images of what you can win!

CAPRICA t-shirt:

CAPRICA Season 1.0 on DVD:


  • I’m looking forward to more exploration of New Cap City and Tamara’s journey of that world.

  • I liked the slower paces human drama and an hoping they don’t move too far away from that too quickly. At this point the viewer sees and feels 1 death of even a somewhat secondary character (semi-spoiler: as in the last ep of s1)… where as BSG you lose a thousand on a good day. I hope it’s a slow build to that (they didn’t say how soon they plan for it to end up there) they already defined the length of the Cylon Wars… and Adama’s age when the war wrapped up… so the war should be seasons off unless then to the old ’10 years later’ bit… which would really be a shame. Still, I enjoyed Season 1… and hope season 1.5 continues rather then shifts the focus of things.

  • Kyle

    Looking forward to the return–it’s been so long I don’t really remember what happened in 1.0. Just wondering who survived the finale and what going to happen with a Cylin on the loose.
    Wasn’t this at the top of your birthday wishlist (a la podcast #80)? You could have accidentally drawn yourself as the winner !;)

  • Scifi Gal

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the religion aspects of the show will be developed, especially given that we know that the future Cylons will be “religious.” The idea of robots with religion isn’t new, Asimov for one did it many decades ago, but how the belief in something that cannot be directly perceived will develop where the being in question has a brain evolved from a computer will be fascinating!! 🙂

  • Patty

    So excited Caprica is coming back! And early too! I can’t wait to see how Tamara rules New Cap City. I loved BSG and want to see it all come together.

  • Basically I’m just excited for more new episodes! (need I say more?)

  • I’m always curious about what people are going to do with robots inside film and TV so that would be interesting. Thanks!

  • Henry Lum

    I’m really interested further in the Robotic world , hoping to see more action and towards the enslavery!

  • Laura

    I want to see of the dads are reunited with their daughter’s avatars.

  • Margie

    I’m intrigued by the new business relationship b/w Graystone & Adama. Those actors play very well off each other. I wonder what role Sam will get to play.

  • Can’t wait for Tamara & Zoe to start kicking a$$ all over New Cap City.

  • Scifi Gal

    So… when will the winner be announced? 🙂