Big HBO Sunday!

Lots going on on HBO tonight – you have episode 2 of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, the season premiere of BORED TO DEATH, followed by the season premiere of EASTBOUND AND DOWN.  Busy, busy, busy!

BOARDWALK EMPIRE’s pilot was fantastic.  Exciting, and raw, and daring; Steve Buscemi is perfectly cast.  Perfection. Here’s a preview of tonight’s second episode of BOARDWALK EMPIRE –

Are you watching BORED TO DEATH?  I am so excited about Season 2, I can’t stand it.  Jason Schwartzman is one of my favorite people, combined with Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson, it’s genius!  Check out two preview clips from tonight’s Season 2 premiere:

Ray and Leah do Yoga:

Jonathan and George discuss failure:

Season 2 of another hit show, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, stars after BORED TO DEATH.  Kenny is in Mexico, and he’s not doing so hot when we meet him again.  Check out the trailer – are you excited?

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