Giveaway! COMMUNITY S1 on DVD!

I’m pleased as punch to be able to offer the chance for one lucky person to win COMMUNITY season 1 on DVD (which will be released on Tuesday, September 21).

Smooth talking ex-lawyer Jeff Winger has got a lot to learn, and he’s come to Greendale Community College to avoid every bit of it.  Unfortunately for Jeff, he’s not the only misfit to enroll here, and people in need have an odd way of finding each other. First, his fake study group becomes a real study group. Then, over the course of a strange year – from Mexican Halloween to the final ‘Tranny Dance’ – including bad trips, great debates, drunk dials, food fights, epic paintball battles and sinister chicken finger conspiracies – the group becomes a family, something
Jeff never wanted, but clearly needs.

Special Features include:
– Cast & Crew Commentary on Every Episode!
– Outtakes!
– Creative Compromises
– COMMUNITY Season One Cast Evaluations
– “Advanced Criminal Law” Alternate
– Season One Highlight Reel
– Mini Episodes
– Communication Studies Extended Producer’s Cut
– The Art of Discourse Commentary with Dan Harmon, Danny Pudi, Donald
Glover, Adam Davidson and Chris McKenna
Joel McHale
Gillian Jacobs
Danny Pudi
Yvette Nicole Brown
Alison Brie
Donald Glover
Ken Jeong
Chevy Chase


For your chance win, leave a comment about which episode of COMMUNITY S1 you’d love to watch over and over again, and why!

The contest is open to US residents only (sorry not-USers, I still love you guys)!


  • Annie

    I could have the paintball war episode put on repeat FOREVER 🙂

  • kalie2000

    I’d like to see the season finale again because it sets up the next episode where Jeff has to make a choice between Annie or Britta.

  • Jen

    I want to get the first season so I can watch all of the episodes (I got into the show late), but the paintball episode is on I could just watch over and over. 🙂

  • “Modern Warfare” definitely! (I don’t think you’ll get any different answers)

  • I’d have to say all of them, since I’ve never seen The Community before, but a person who looks a lot like me seems to like the show, so I probably would too!

  • Kelley

    The Halloween episode because that is when I realized I was fully in love with the show and not just kind of liking it. It is also the episode where Danny Pudi threw down the gauntlet and proved himself as a freaking comic genius

    (I also would love to see the white Abed, Abed does Don Draper bit again. Not sure what ep that was.)

  • Amy

    I watch Episode 9: “Debate 109” OVER and OVER.

    Not only because it made us see Jeff and Annie in a whole new light. But the interaction between Britta and Pierce as well as Abed being an “evil wizard” just made this episode comedy gold!

  • Geraldine

    Yeah, I’ll join the crowd saying the paintball episode because it’s just that hilarious.

  • Arthur

    I loved every episode from the pilot on, but my knee-jerk answer will always be “Modern Warfare”.

    It’s one of the episodes I use to get new people into the series, and personally, I got a kick out of knowing every single pop-culture reference from the episode.

  • Alyssa

    The paintball one! I love all the references in it.

  • Margie

    Debate 109, if only for the scenes with the bizarro versions of our characters. Abed’s meta film demonstrated at just what an incredible level of comedy Community operates.

  • Stacie S

    Clearly, the Billiard Club episode, if only to see Joel McHale shirtless!!

  • Matt

    Definitely the Halloween episode. Abed doing Batman is classic.

  • Pat B

    Paintball — I think there was no more epic an episode

  • Ali

    The one with the Spanish rap — it was completely brilliant – I love Troy & Abed

  • Unpopular opinion perhaps, but I’d give it to the season finale. However briefly, it validated my (borderline illegal) Jeff-Annie shipping.

  • Martin

    While “Modern Warfare” is a no brainer, I’d have to go with “Romantic Expressionism.” Not only do we get the awesomeness of Vaughn, but we get the introduction of Leonard, his tiny backback and his frustration over Jeff eating the last of the macaroni. Oh and did I say Kickpuncher?

  • i gotta say that the number one episode was “Debate 109” first time you see Jeff really opening up to the group and helping them out… mostly b/c he is a pretentious douche-bag but also b/c Jeff stepped his game up and beat the shit outta those nerds from City… morons of course people wanna be bad… being good is too hard…

  • Tanya Riley

    I could watch the “Interpretive Dance” episode over and over. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Laura

    Modern Warfare was my favorite

  • Stephanie

    Definitely Communication Studies. Mostly because of the montage of Abed and Jeff drinking, especially the Breakfast Club part!