Wednesday Must Watch: SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA on CBS

I’m a huge SURVIVOR fan.  There is ONE season I didn’t watch (sorry SURVIVOR: CHINA).  Out of 21 seasons, that’s not a bad average.  Now that the show is airing on Wednesday nights, it makes it even easier to tune in!  Tonight is the premiere that features 20 castaways broken up into teams of young and “old” contestants, featuring everyone’s favorite (or not so favorite…GO EAGLES) football coach, Jimmy Johnson.

Check out a preview of tonight’s big event above, and follow the jump for images of this seasons crop of contestants!


  • Patty

    I have never watched more than an episode or two here and there but I will be watching this season for two reasons. Young/Old and Jimmy Johnson.

  • I was indeed wanting to find information about this week’s tv showing of Survivor and I landed on your site. I don’t fully understand how come they did not eat the rooster as an alternative to one of the chickens. The female birds lay eggs. In any case I believed the water challenge was near to torture and rather unsafe. I think as a whole this season’s contestants are simple persons and not highly knowledgeable people like in the last few seasons!

  • The players praoclaiming that they really want to remove Kelly B on account of her impairment is painful.