My Take on…LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2

When we left our friends in Portland, Baze had finally decided to come clean with Cate, on the day of her wedding.  At her wedding.  In fact, after her wedding ceremony had basically ended.  When the screen cut to black to signal the end of the little-engine-that-could series we all hoped would come back, we were left wondering what happens now.  Well, what happens is a solid Season 2 opener (premiering tonight on the CW at 9/8c), that crams just about all that it can into 48 minutes of run time, including a few things I wasn’t expecting! Vague enough for you?

Here’s a few spoilerish tidbits about Season 2 and the premiere (without giving anything away) –

Just because Cate and Ryan seem blissfully happy post-honeymoon, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few stumbling blocks ahead for the couple, and not all stumbling blocks have to do with our man Baze.  These proverbial bumps in the road may or may not involve any or all of the following ladies that may or may not show up in the premiere (wow, with the vague, again):  Jaime Ray Newman, Arielle Kebbel, and/or Amy Price Francis (THE CLEANER).

Speaking of Baze, yes, he broke into the church to surprise Cate with his declaration of love, but he was a tad late, and his relationship with the women in his life might be strained because of it.  His relationship with his dad, however, seems to be on the healing path.  In tonight’s episode, we get to learn a little bit more about what’s on Baze’s mind, if his feelings for Cate are still there, and whether he has matured enough to recover from something much worse than heart ache.

Lux is getting in way over her head, once again it seems, with the men in her life.  Rafi Gavron is around in the season premiere (Bug) and he’s back with an almost-naked vengeance.  The question of the day for me is where is Jones?  Worry not friends, sounds like Austin Butler will be back later this season, but for now, we might want to worry about just what exactly Shaun Sipos (David from MELROSE PLACE) is doing hanging around with our girl!

Overall, a solid A rating for the premiere, with the promise of a very strong season.  I hope you all caught up on S1 over the summer and that you’re planted on your couch for tonight’s new beginning!