Quick takes on TERRIERS from the cast/crew

Like we mentioned, Melody was on the red carpet last night for the Hollywood premiere of TERRIERS and she got some quick thoughts from the cast and crew of TERRIERS!

Shawn Ryan (executive producer):
On the Conspiracy this Season:
It came from Ted (Griffin) who had a basic idea of what this was going to be. Initially, we spent a lot of time in Ocean Beach where we filmed the show. It’s really this untouched, gentle community that hasn’t been spoiled yet. So you look at it and you just figure, there must be all sorts of rich pricks who can’t wait to get their hands on this area and completely spoil it. (laughs) So from that idea, I think stemmed the idea of the conspiracy this season.

On how mapped out the series is:
Well the first season was very mapped out and in television, you never know if you’re going to get beyond that. So we have ideas of what the show would become in season 2 and how it would evolve. We’re hoping enough people watch the show so we get the chance to do that. (smiles)

On possible guest stars from THE SHILED:
I would like to. I think it was important in the first run to show people what it was, so I was a little reluctant to bring on too many familiar faces from my other shows I wanted this world to kind of establish itself. But once it’s established, possibly.

Laura Allen (Britt’s girlfriend Katie):
On relationship with Britt:
It takes a real turn about half way through but I don’t know how much I should be giving away.

On working with Zack Silva:
Zack is a guy who was so much fun to work with. Gavin & Katie are in class together and he’s trying to get me to go out and something happens, so…

Kimberly Quinn (Gretchen):
Can you talk more about dynamic between Hank and Gretchen?
It’s a complicated relationship that ebbs and flows so to speak. One week, there’s something happening and the next week there’s not. It’s hard to let go.

What’s your explanation of the title, Terriers?
I think it’s an analogy of the boys, Hank & Britt and how the will go anywhere and dig anywhere to get what they need. After I saw the preview of the show, I just laughed because I thought, “Those are the boys.”

When Hank’s sister comes into the picture, your character takes her in for a day and helps Hank out while he’s on a case. Will you be there to help him out like that more often?
I’m pretty involved in my own relationship outside of Hank so it’s more about me getting married to my new family.

Zack Silva (Gavin):
What’s your explanation of the title, Terriers?
It’s kind of different. People ask, “Like the dog?” And yeah, the dog is the mascot for the show. The concept behind the terrier is that it’s a little dog but has a bigger bark than you think it packs. They’ve got a bit of attitude going on and are a little intimidating but they’re not like the big boys. So they’re like the underdogs.

About his role:
I play Gavin, a vet student with Katie (Laura Allen). We go to school together and she is beautiful, so I have a thing for her. I can’t help it so the love triangle happens. Conflicts occur and that’s what I can give away.

Favorite scene to shoot?
I did a karaoke scene and I’ve actually never done karaoke before. So the fact that I was up there…and you gotta sound bad when you do karaoke, otherwise it’s not so much fun to watch.

How many takes did you do?
(laughs) Too many. The camera work on that scene was really cool but i could have been out of there the first take if it were up to me. Because everything’s quiet. There’s no music playing and it’s a bar scene, so there are a bunch of extras around and it’s like, “Okay, we have to shoot that again?” (laughs)

Favorite dog breed aside from terrier?
I like a rhodesian ridgeback. They are beautiful, loyal, athletic, and they have a ridge down their back. I think they are beautiful

Donal Logue (Hank):
On Hank:
He’s a loser some days, a winner other days. He’s very free. It is a fantastic part.

I think that people will really enjoy the conspiracy angle, which doesn’t really even come into the forefront until after a couple of episode.

Me & Michael rented a house on the beach together. My mom and sister live in San Diego, so I was happy to be home.

FX tone/angle
As the season goes along, the train focuses on a darker, heavier road and I think that’s when the FX angle comes in.

Olivia Williams comes in as a guest star. My sister is kind of a major player in the show now.

Easiest thing to do as a PI?
Go online and look up people’s Facebook pages. I think a lot of what pis do is online.

Favorite action scene?
When a guy kicks our butt in the house, that was fun.

Aside from a terrier, what’s your favorite dog?
I have an irish wolf now and I love mutts. I like all dogs. Well, the only dog that trips me out a bit sometimes is the doberman pinscher because I had a weird experience when I was a kid.

Melody will have more from her set visit to TERRIERS in the coming weeks!