Get caught up on RUBICON, Sunday!

Heads up friends!  AMC is airing a marathon of RUBICON on Sunday afternoon to get you all caught up before the 7th episode airs that night!  You can find out all of the information you need here, as well as more information about the show, but here are the basics:

9AM | 8C: Episode 1, “Gone In The Teeth”
10AM | 9C: Episode 2, “The First Day of School”
11AM | 10C: Episode 3, “Keep The Ends Out”
12PM | 11C: Episode 4, “The Outsider”
1PM | 12C: Episode 5, “Connect the Dots”
2PM | 1C: Episode 6, “Look to the Ant”

Episode 7 will air at 9PM/8C on Sunday night – here’s a description:

The FBI puts API on lockdown for a security breach. Katherine realizes she is not safe in her own home.

Are you watching RUBICON?  Will you tune in for the marathon?  I have my DVR set!